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New beginnings, Old Habits

As I am sure everyone is aware we are in a new year, we have all seen the hashtags, the health promotions, gym membership adds and charity campaigns. We are all supposed to use this month to turn over a new leaf or change something faulty in our lives. Well not for...

Yes I mean no, why did I say yes?

Today’s events started with a phone call, nothing unusual about that but this call set off a sequence of events that happen to me on many occasions and am sure they probably happen to others as well. The caller was from the Diabetic clinic reminding me I was due to attend a course the following Monday. I had forgotten about it completely and so I was thrown by the call, and then she asked, ‘will you be attending?’ Ohhh damn, no I do not want to go, that means sorting transport and spending a day doing whatever they had planned and errr no I don’t want to go….. ‘yes I will be there, thanks for the reminder’


Ever felt like a caterpillar struggling inside it’s chrysalis waiting to break through and emerge as a butterfly, but scared when you emerge you are just going to turn into a dull moth burning your wings against the bright lights?

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is not being shy, it is not being an introvert and it is not being anti-social. Social anxiety is an increased painful feeling of anxiousness and worry that often produces physical symptoms like shaking, sweating, feeling dizzy or faint, being frozen to the spot and often an overwhelming feeling of needing to run away.

Healthy Relationships part 2

People do the best they can with the resources available to them.

Your past is not your future, and you can choose who you want to be from this day forward.

If you recognise a bad decision in your past it means you are capable of making a right decision in your future.

Healthy Relationships

The past week I have been constructing a post that will help people understand what constitutes a healthy relationship. Not just relationships with our partner, parents, siblings, friends but the relationship we have with ourselves as well.