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Ann Hackett

Ann Hackett

I provide Integrative Counselling, NLP, and Life Coaching face to face and online. I have a private practice in Ipswich.  Here at Untangled we believe the client is the best person to know what is right for them, so we offer a first consultation where you can talk about what change you want to see in your life. We then set up a program of focused therapy to help you achieve sustainable change.

Life today is complicated and we all develop habits and coping mechanisms to get by without really solving the core problems, here at Untangled we look at those core problems and form new good habits that enable you to grow and succeed in achieving your future goals. Those goals can be anything from holding down a healthy relationship, overcoming anxiety and stress, coping with past trauma or getting through that all-important interview. Every client is unique and every package we design we design with your needs at the centre and you have full control over how we proceed. Get in touch and see what Untangled can do for you today.

I can assist you in untangling your life


Ann Hackett FdA Integrative Counselling/Psychotherapy (UOS 2018),

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach (Aucpisium NLP Practitioner & Life Coach 2017)

 In addition to the BACP I am a member of several organisations.


Suffolk Association of counsellors




Psychology Today

I have a dog Sophie and a cat called Mew. Academically I have accumulated many different qualifications over the years but the ones you will be interested in are my Fda in Integrative Counselling, a NLP practitioner qualification, and Life coaching. I am a member of the BACP (a professional body that oversees counsellors and psychotherapists) and I work within their ethical framework. You can find that here.

Fresh Water West in Pembrokeshire

Fresh Water West in Pembrokeshire










I also have a Master’s degree in life, I grew up in Pembrokeshire Wales living next to the beach and enjoying the freedom of the country. I have been married and divorced raising my children to adulthood. Along the way I have coped with trauma, stress, anxiety, bereavement, financial worries and relationship breakdowns, all alongside running two successful businesses. I have always had a love of people and their journeys through life and I am humbled by the strength of the human spirit to get back up and keep fighting.

An accident in 2010 left me in a wheel chair and suffering from chronic pain, it was a time in my life that left me having to make a choice. I could no longer carry on the work I was doing and so I had to rethink and retrain. It was not hard to decide what I wanted to do, I wanted to give back what I had been given by my counsellor and so I went back to University and started this new journey.

I have a passion for seeing people reach their potential, for helping them untangle the messy stuff that happens in life and find contentment in their own skin. Nothing shocks me, I do not judge, I understand that life and we are not perfect and nor are those around us. I truly believe everyone can overcome their demons and become empowered to lead their life the way they want to.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

About Martyn.

I am the web designer and qualified as a hypnotherapist. I enjoy creating audio recordings that are targeted to specific mindset needs like motivation, pain management and meditation. After I met Ann I was able to help her chronic pain with my own set of successful recordings. I hope to have a new set of recordings for this site in the near future. I also help promote this practice through social media.

We are a dynamic team that are dedicated to positive causes and both have a shared interest of the workings of the human mind and self empowerment.